Rounding Out The Year Like A Roller Coaster

In my last post I state that I was starting over. As I wrote that post I never would have imagined that I would have the year like I did. Sure, starting in the “ground” floor is a bummer but, you lace up the boot straps and meet the situation head on. What I wasn’t expecting, however, were the ups and downs that I experienced through out the year.

With it being a little over a year since, things have improved. Most notably, the time I have been spending with my family have been very rewarding. I have also found a good balance between family time, personal time and work. I am very fortunate to have a family who understand that I am passionate about software development. And recently my “work life” has been improving. Unfortunately (depending on the perspective) the software developer in me has been itching to do more.

This “itch” has been scratched through a few deep dives into RabbitMQ, Redis and consistent hashing algorithms. My experiences with Redis has lead me to write my own client. Like many others I have used the ServiceStack Redis client. After looking at the code and attempting to do a few specific things, however, I became a little frustrated. That’s not to say that the ServiceStack Redis client is bad but does too many things and promotes concepts that I do not subscribe to. One day soon I will have to push the code up to GitHub. Perhaps one day soon.

All and all, it appears as though this year is turning out to be much better. The beginning of the year has been great. I feel like there is something around the corner that will soon make my summer even better.

Really trying hard not to jinx things.


Starting Over

Losing a job because you are not capable is something that I have always been able to handle gracefully. I have never thought that I am owed continued employment if my skills and abilities were no longer serving the purpose of the company. I even find it somewhat tolerable when the views of my employer and myself are no longer the same or differ too greatly. For the first time, however, I have recently been in the position of losing a job due to financial reasons.

Working for a start-up is always a fun and exciting venture (if you can stomach it). There are late nights and tough days but the ability to produce something from the ground up is a wonderful and fulfilling experience. It is difficult, however, to find that what you have produced wasn’t good enough to gain the attention of enough investors or customers to keep the “lights on.”

What makes everything more difficult is having to start over.

The root of the problem is my own. While gainfully employed I didn’t take the time to “get out there” and spread the name around. I didn’t shake hands and schmooze. I didn’t go to my local .Net user group meetings, didn’t go to networking breakfasts and lunches. When the lights turned off… it was me, myself and I. Not knowing anyone (or anyone who is still around) means giving up your soul to the recruitment process and attempting to find “a match” like it was a dating service.

It was a naïve thought to think that my body of work would speak for itself. Simply putting it down on paper to have “those who read resumes” identify the full breath of my knowledge and capability in all it’s glory is almost worse. Curtailing a resume to make it easy to read while having enough information for someone you don’t know, for some position you have no information on, is yet another exercise it futility.

So instead of paying my dues, doing do diligence and focusing on the networking aspects of software development; I am starting over… again. A little more seasoned and a little wiser but on the ground floor none the less like a wicked game of Chutes and Ladders.


Nothing lost but time

It has been a while since I last posted anything.

During this hiatus I have been working on several things that have been really interesting. Unfortunately non of which has been in the .Net world. Yup… you guessed it, I have been off working in the Java world for the last year. And while I kept up with the going’s on in the .Net world (or at least tried too), there was never enough time to keep my head wrapped around the Java work while continuing to dive into my beloved .Net world.

Now that my hiatus is coming to a close, I am looking forward to taking deeper dives into some of the newer frameworks and technologies that have been introduced lately.