I am software developer living in Atlanta.

The first program I ever wrote was a basketball game written in QBasic. It was really nothing more than a horrible looking hoop with a block for a ball but… it started me off. Actually it was even more worse than that… at the time I couldn’t figure out how to make the “ball” appear to go through the hoop so even when you were right on target the “ball” would pass in front of the hoop. Really funny stuff.

I was never really happy with that program (don’t think I ever will be either) so I started to see what I could do to improve upon it and make it better. I guess that is really the reason behind this blog too. I’m often not happy with how much I don’t know so I am constantly trying to see what I can improve upon and make better in my software skills and knowledge.

I am more than certain I am going to make mistakes and be wrong along the way but to me… that is a part of the process. And while I have a tendency to be “long-winded” and make bad attempts at being humorous I hope you will join me down my path to re-factoring… well… me


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