Rhino Mocks

Rhino Mocks New Home

I am proud to state that Rhino Mocks has a new home. I must admit that I am feeling a little nervous. Its not every day that you get take charge of a project like Rhino Mocks.

There are some plans to modify the code based on the original “4.0” roadmap from a few years ago but the initial focus will be to create a single location to download the binaries. Once this is established then things like “alpha” and “beta” builds can be done. I also believe strongly in documenting the features that are currently available. Perhaps a wiki or website can be created to help out in this area (especially for some of the more complex features). Along the same line, another primary focus will be to promote the principles behind Rhino Mocks. In other words, answering the “why” versus the “how" questions.

I would like to thank Ayende for giving me this opportunity. I look forward to the challenge and serving the community. Hopefully you will join me on the adventure.


18 thoughts on “Rhino Mocks New Home

    • mmeisinger says:

      You can and should.
      Once things have settled down and the roadmap identified it will be critical to have your input through code, ideas or otherwise.

  1. Good luck with the project, Mike. RM really needs some simplification, a single way of doing things. And it’s got an image problem: RM is seen as outdated and irrelevant.

    You’ve got your work cut out for you!

    Good luck.

  2. Ron says:

    I cut my teeth on Rhino Mocks and I have continued to use it. Whenever, I introduction a developer to mocking, I use Rhino Mocks. That doesn’t mean that NSubstitute or Moq are not just as good. Mike good luck and I will be using Rhino Mocks.

    • mmeisinger says:

      As stated, I hope that I can increase the visibility and documentation to answer the why and when questions. If developers new to mocking frameworks even just start off with Rhino Mocks and gain a better understanding, it will all be worth it.

    • mmeisinger says:

      Not too ominous. 🙂
      I was really trying not to jinx things. It would have been horrible to mention it and have it fall through.

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  4. I introduced Rhino at two companies. Unfortunately the complexity of the library led us to switch to FakeItEasy at the second one. Developers were regularly confused between dynamic, strict, and partial mocks, they would use stubs instead of mocks, we had a mix of Record/Replay and AAA syntax in our tests. Hopefully some new blood on the project will simplify some of these issues and make Rhino a viable choice again.

  5. I must admit that I myself have fallen victim to not completely understanding mocking and subsequently abusing it. I guess it’s a bit pearls before swine, and that’s a shame for such a quality project. It’s probably no worth unless there’s a critical mass that understand it and is able to put it to good use. Sacrificing genius for usability realy.

  6. Wow, this is excellent news! What’s even better is the fact that Rhino, functionality-wise, doesn’t fall behind FIE/Moq as much as many people assume. All it needs is some polishing, simplified API, better doc and maybe one or two features used 3 times a year by 1 in 10’000 programmers 😉 Best of luck Mike, I’ll make sure to follow.

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