Rounding Out The Year Like A Roller Coaster

In my last post I state that I was starting over. As I wrote that post I never would have imagined that I would have the year like I did. Sure, starting in the “ground” floor is a bummer but, you lace up the boot straps and meet the situation head on. What I wasn’t expecting, however, were the ups and downs that I experienced through out the year.

With it being a little over a year since, things have improved. Most notably, the time I have been spending with my family have been very rewarding. I have also found a good balance between family time, personal time and work. I am very fortunate to have a family who understand that I am passionate about software development. And recently my “work life” has been improving. Unfortunately (depending on the perspective) the software developer in me has been itching to do more.

This “itch” has been scratched through a few deep dives into RabbitMQ, Redis and consistent hashing algorithms. My experiences with Redis has lead me to write my own client. Like many others I have used the ServiceStack Redis client. After looking at the code and attempting to do a few specific things, however, I became a little frustrated. That’s not to say that the ServiceStack Redis client is bad but does too many things and promotes concepts that I do not subscribe to. One day soon I will have to push the code up to GitHub. Perhaps one day soon.

All and all, it appears as though this year is turning out to be much better. The beginning of the year has been great. I feel like there is something around the corner that will soon make my summer even better.

Really trying hard not to jinx things.


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