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WLW Plugin for WordPress.com on CodePlex

There have been some requests to have me publish the WordPress.com sourcecode highlighter plug-in that I created for Windows Live Writer. So I went ahead and created a CodePlex project for it and published the code and the assembly.

You can find it here: WLW WordPress.com Syntax Highlighter Plugin

There is no official release but you can go to the "Downloads" tab and select the alpha release.

Publishing this out on CodePlex was actually fun and nerve racking at the same time. Since this was the first project that I ever published out there I wanted to make sure that everything was in "tip top shape." I can’t tell you how much time I spent just getting the "summary" correct. I must have rewritten it about five or six times. I am sure I made some faux pas but how is a guy suppose to learn?

Then I realized… it is what it is. Either people are going to find it useful or people are going to think its junk. Either way… it is the spirit of it all that I am finding more interesting. I had a need, wrote a little plug-in to satisfy that need, and am now sharing it to those who are interested.

What I think is going to be even more fun is revisiting this code later and seeing what improvements can be made and how to make it better.

So enjoy and let me know your comments and suggestions.


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